Driving Growth and Profit Improvement

Stokes Evans helps business executives and owners accelerate the creation and realization of company valuation by controlled growth of top line revenue, increased margin dollar generation, and increased margin percentages. We use a building block approach supported by detailed analysis to build value by growing share with the most profitable existing customers. raising prices for poor customers, targeting profitable competitor share, offering new products to existing customers, and offering new products to new markets. We also help startups and growth companies introduce new products or enter new markets and help business to business companies develop digital and hybrid sales and support channels.

Growing Profits - Step by Step

Stokes Evans uses our step by step S-Star approach to create a solid growth foundation based on customer intimacy and differentiated value. Most companies fail to leverage their existing customer relationships to generate and test new value propositions or to maximize the value actually delivered by current products and services. We help clients generate revenue and profit growth in a predictable, step-wise process easily captured in a strategic roadmap. Solid growth in existing and adjacent markets, improved margins through better price achievement, and a clear strategy all increase the value of firm and reduce the cost of capital for investment in new products, additional organic expansion, or the pursuit of acquisitions.

  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • Value-based Pricing
  • End to End Value Chain Optimization
  • Channel Management
  • Service and Product Portfolio Management
  • Stakeholder Communications

New Market Entry and Startups

Entering a new market or launching a new business are both exciting and full of risks. Stokes Evans develops realistic, research-based views of the potential rewards, risks, and necessary investments, decisions, and other inputs associated with new business opportunities. We identify and quantify value-based segments, assess current and likely competitors, test positioning, bundling, and pricing strategies, and create effective go to market plans. For startups, we augment the founding team and help transition to a sustainable business. We have worked across most technology and services industries with the smallest and largest of clients, family and investor owned companies, and groundbreaking innovators.

  • Market and Technology Assessment
  • Market and Product Roadmap
  • Value-based Market Segmentation
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy (Product, Service, XaaS)
  • Channel and Partner Development
  • Sales Effectiveness Improvement
  • Startup Acceleration
  • Business Plan and Pitch Deck

B2B Digital Strategy

Instantaneous, secure access to on-demand information, services, and transactions is now expected by all trading partners. Business to Business customers now demand digital and hybrid sales and supply chain management solutions. Specifiers and buyers want to access product specs, pricing, ordering details, and other information whenever and however they choose without depending on interaction with a salesperson. Simple transactions based on well-defined catalog items (single sku’s) are not a challenge. A detailed understanding of the entire end-to-end product search, specification, configuration, pricing, scheduling, delivery, installation, and commissioning process and how each decision point and interaction between the seller team and buyer team must be supported is required for many B2B interchanges. Stokes Evans understands how to successfully coordinate supply chain, product management, sales,, purchasing, and supporting processes in the digital environment.

  • Customer Experience (CX, UX)
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Digital Marketplaces
  • Hybrid Channel Management
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Process Automation
  • Analytics