Public Sector Go To Market

The federal government market is an attractive target for suppliers of almost any product or service. Unfortunately, locating the right buyers and funded programs across over 2 million federal employees, complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulations and other rules, and packaging an offering to meet government buyer expectations requires a working understanding of how the government does business. Stokes Evans has over 18 years of experience contracting directly with the federal government, through large contractors, and through small businesses. We have helped both small and large contractors grow their federal business by developing or refining their federal go to market strategy, helping them build and manage a higher quality sales pipeline, and executing more effective capture and proposal processes.

Federal Market Strategy

The federal government is among the largest, most consistent buyers of almost every commodity and service. Companies planning to enter the federal market or grow their federal sales must overcome fierce competition, complex procurement rules, and arcane business practices. Stokes Evans helps companies understand what various government entities require and value, their preferred acquisition strategies and contract vehicles, timetable for purchase, and their internal budgeting and decision-making processes. We help create an account-based go to market strategy, customer value proposition, target contract portfolio, partnering plan, internal development plan, and brand messaging to start building a robust pipeline.

  • Federal Market Opportunity
  • Federal Go To Market Strategy
  • Federal Account Roadmap
  • Federal Product and Service Offerings
  • Contract Vehicle Portfolio
  • Certifications, Systems, and Clearances
  • Marketing Plan
  • Small Business Planning
  • Partner Planning

Federal Pipeline Management

Consistently winning federal government awards and growing a profitable federal sector business requires a carefully managed and regularly refreshed sales pipeline. Companies must scan multiple data sources including relationships with government buyers to identify opportunities that fit their target profile for contract size, scope, requirements, security and special requirements, and agency. Stokes Evans helps clients design and implement processes, tools, and training to define pipeline criteria, evaluate and score opportunities, prioritize business development resources, assign accountability, execute client development pursuit activities, report progress, and support resource allocation decisions. We also help clients develop the organization, staff, and extended team needed to manage the pipeline.

  • Pipeline Priorities and Criteria
  • Opportunity Scanning
  • Opportunity Scoring and Tracking
  • Pursuit and Relationship Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • BD Organization Development
  • Training and Development
  • Reporting and Continuous Improvement

Federal Capture and Proposal

Successful federal government vendors carefully focus their business development resources on converting opportunities where they have a high probability of both winning (P-win) and making money. Overall win rates for some successful federal contractors run below 10%, meaning that 90% of their selling and proposal effort is wasted. Stokes Evans helps clients develop the relationships needed to shape potential opportunities, track and evaluate the development of opportunities, assemble the team needed to bid each opportunity, and develop winning proposals nd oral presentations built around sound solutions, win themes, and pricing. We work with clients to carefully tailor past performance, resumes, technical approach, and management approach to match each opportunity.

  • Capture Management
  • Opportunity Assessment / P-win
  • Win Strategy and Themes
  • Solution Architecture
  • Partnering Strategy
  • Proposal Management
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Competitor Research