Strategic Transformation

Public Sector Go To Market

Driving Growth and Profit

Organizations must constantly improve their ability deliver on their mission and meet stakeholder, employee, and above all customer expectations. Stokes Evans guides government agencies and growth companies to clearly define their vision and strategy to answer the questions “Why do we exist?”, “Whom do we serve?”, and “How we will deliver unique value?”. We help configure, enable, and align the organization and operating model to drive  execution and measurable mission success. We accelerate service innovation and digital transformation to create step changes in customer value and organizational performance. We work with forward-leaning executive teams to set and communicate inspirational expectations and to mobilize and coordinate every internal and external resource to deliver on those expectations.

The federal government market is an attractive target for suppliers of almost any product or service. Unfortunately, locating the right buyers and funded programs across over 2 million federal employees, complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulations and other rules, and packaging an offering to meet government buyer expectations requires a working understanding of how the government does business. Stokes Evans has over 18 years of experience contracting directly with the federal government, through large contractors, and through small businesses. We have helped both small and large contractors grow their federal business by developing or refining their federal go to market strategy, helping them build and manage a higher quality sales pipeline, and executing more effective capture and proposal processes.

Stokes Evans helps business executives and owners accelerate the creation and realization of company valuation by controlled growth of top line revenue, increased margin dollar generation, and increased margin percentages. We use a building block approach supported by detailed analysis to build value by growing share with the most profitable existing customers. raising prices for poor customers, targeting profitable competitor share, offering new products to existing customers, and offering new products to new markets. We also help startups and growth companies introduce new products or enter new markets and help business to business companies develop digital and hybrid sales and support channels.