Executive Support

It Can Be Lonely at the Top – Leaders are expected to have all of the answers while being isolated from many critical day to day aspects of the business. With few peers, they have too little opportunity to test their ideas or learn from colleagues.Stokes Evans works directly with owners and executives to address sensitive issues requiring a balance of strategic discretion and organizational engagement. We can provide professional analysis and advisory services in addition to rolling up our sleeves and taking on complex tasks directly.

Value Acceleration

The valuation of a company or relevance of a government agency is important as it controls the strategic options available to the management team. The availability and cost of growth or working capital as well as the strategic value of a company are all affected by several factors within the control of the enterprise. Stokes Evans helps clients understand and operate these levers: Revenue Growth, Margin Enhancement, Strategy and Brand Clarity, and Communications.

Market Intelligence

Our experience has shown that most companies are guilty of assuming they know who their customers are and why their customers really buy from them without supporting research. The only way to identify gaps in customer value that may drive organic growth or create entirely new opportunities is by asking the right questions of your customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees. Stokes Evans provides Business Intelligence services to reduce risk, provide focus, test hypotheses, and break cycles of destructive decision making.

Growth Strategy

The Stokes Evans S-Star approach is a step by step method to create a solid growth foundation based on customer intimacy and differentiated value. Most companies fail to leverage their existing customer relationships to generate and test new value propositions or to maximize the value actually delivered by current products and services. We help clients generate revenue and profit growth in a predictable, step-wise process easily captured in a strategic roadmap. Solid growth in existing and adjacent markets, improved margins through better price achievement, and a clear strategy all increase the value of firm and reduce the cost of capital for investment in new products, additional organic expansion, or the pursuit of acquisition

Performance Breakthroughs

Performance or Results are driven by the behaviors of people and systems. Behaviors, including the decisions made by workers, managers, and executives, can either add value or detract from value as perceived by the customer and market. Creating breakthrough changes in performance requires that desired performance is clearly defined to allow complete focus on building value creating capabilities and eliminating other activities.  With a clear performance objective and measures, processes and decisions can be objectively assessed and an operational strategy and change road map can be created. Stokes Evans helps to create breakthroughs at the enterprise, department, or individual business program level by facilitating current performance, defining future performance, and engaging in the planning necessary to implement sustainable, measurable performance change.

Organizational Optimization

The organizational structure of an organization is useful for command and control – everyone needs a homeroom. A process-centric view, or Enterprise Process Model, directly tied to outputs and outcomes is often more helpful when identifying performance drivers and detractors. Applying the principals of LEAN Six Sigma and other process analysis and improvement techniques at the enterprise level helps identify organizational trade offs and resource sinks. An idealized process structure, organizational structure,and performance model can be developed to represent a new operating model.